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Present with Confidence


Confidence, credibility and your personal style are essential components in connecting with your listener. In Present with Confidence, you will learn how to:

  • Project confidence and credibility
  • Organize information that motivates your listener to take action
  • Deliver your messages in a compelling, believable and confident manner utilizing your personal style
  • Involve your listener to maximize retention and minimize your anxiety

Our executive consultants help the participants identify what behaviors are working for them and what may be getting in the way of their being truly effective communicators.

Successful people learn by doing and seeing themselves as others see them. This course utilizes a highly participatory format which accelerates learning while at the same time creates a fun and supportive environment for the participants.


2-Day Workshop
2 Consultants
Maximum 12 Participants
  • Developing Confident Behavior Skills
  • Organizing Content
  • The "Message Planner"
  • Creation and Use of Visual Aids
  • Role-Play Scenarios
  • Virtual meetings: Increase Listener Engagement and Interaction
  • 10 Video-Recorded Exercises
  • 3 Private Coachings
  • Handling Challenging Questions
  • Identifying and Enhancing Your Personal Style
  • In-room Coaching
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