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Present with Confidence

Communication is the backbone of leadership, the foundation on which all other leadership skills are based. A leader must project a sense of confidence and control in the way they convey information, communicate initiatives, speak about change, delegate responsibility or give feedback. Management is a job function; leadership is the ability to influence the performance of others.

Whether you are a CEO, VP of sales, director of IT, marketing manager or supervisor, leadership is demonstrated by results, and results are achieved by persuasive communication.

Communication is the center post of leadership.

It is vital for an organization to have leaders that motivate and inspire their employees. To accomplish this their leaders must have highly effective communication skills.

In Leadership Communication you will learn how to:

  • Develop "executive presence"
  • Identify and implement leadership communication best practices
  • Organize messages that motivate and influence both internal and external audiences
  • Handle resistance and achieve buy-in
  • Deliver a negative message
  • Choose which media to use (voicemail, email or face-to-face)

1-Day Workshop
2 Consultants
Maximum 10 Participants
4 Video-Recorded Exercises
2 Private Coachings


  • Achieving Executive Presence
  • Message Development
  • Media choices:
    • Email
    • Voicemail
    • Face-to-face
  • Communicating Difficult Messages
  • Handling Challenges and Resistance
  • Role-play Scenarios
  • video recording and feedback
  • Private Coaching



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