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Present with Confidence

The way you walk, sit, stand, dress, talk and eat has a powerful effect on how others perceive you.


When you master proper etiquette and know how to adapt your behavior to the appropriate situation, you gain confidence, poise and authority.


ProComm Ltd's Business Etiquette program will give you the knowledge you need to allow you to feel comfortable and act appropriately in all business-oriented social situations.

4 Hour Program

Dress for Success

  • Business vs. Casual Wear: for women and men
  • Women - Dress for Success
  • Men - Dress for Success

Dining Etiquette

  • Table Manners to Live By
  • Table Settings
  • Dining Etiquette to Live By
  • Applicable Religious Dietary Laws
  • Lunch n’ Learns

The Savvy Conversationalist

  • Making the Proper Introduction

Telephone Etiquette

  • Getting Down to the Basics
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